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Discover the power of seamless file management with our comprehensive feature set designed to elevate your storage experience.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Storage

Store all your files without worrying about running out of space.

Fast Upload

Fast Upload

Upload your files quickly and efficiently.

Share Anywhere

Share Anywhere

Share your files easily with anyone, anywhere.

Multiple Uploads

Multiple Uploads

Upload multiple files simultaneously, saving you time.

File Manager

File Manager

Organize and manage your files effortlessly.

File Encryption

File Encryption

We keep them secure with encryption technology.


Choose the plan that suits you best, whether it's monthly, yearly, or a lifetime subscription.


A versatile platform for seamless file sharing, collaboration, and communication, simplifying digital interactions for all users

Unlimited Storage space
Unlimited Size per file
Files available for Unlimited time
Upload 1000000 files at once
No advertisements
Password protected files
No plans available
No plans available

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Quick answers on how to share files, manage your account, and navigate WeTransferNow's features.

Yes, you can share files with anyone using a generated link, even if they don't have a ShareAnyWhere account. Files can be password-protected for additional security.

Unlimited. You can choose your own duration.

no limits.

You can upload files by clicking the "Upload" button on our homepage. You can also drag and drop your files directly onto the page. Multiple files can be uploaded simultaneously for your convenience.

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Max File Size Unlimited / Files available for Unlimited time

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You can also browse from your computer

Password protection

The password helps protect your file from public accessing

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